First iTotal CR Knee Resurfacing Surgery Completed in the Southeastern United States

First FDA approved –patient specific Total Knee Replacement with Customized Alternative to Traditional Total Knee Replacement Performed Successfully

Atlantis, Florida. – July 25, 2011 – JFK Medical Center announced that the first surgery in the Southeastern United States using the iTotal CR knee resurfacing system was successfully completed in Atlantis, Florida. A new technology known as a personalized total knee replacement is promising quicker recovery times from surgery. Unlike traditional knee replacements which usually come in several different sizes, these implants are custom made for each patient. It fits exactly on the bone of the patient. This new technology affords the patient a more natural shape and feel to their knee…because in fact…it is more like their own knee.

The iTotal builds on ConforMIS’ patented iFit technology for generating individualized implants and instruments for each patient based on their own imaging data. The surgery represents the first implantations in Palm Beach County and Florida of the only FDA cleared personalized total knee system on the market.

The patient-specific process for the iTotal CR produces customized implants with unique advantages. Each iTotal CR is made to fit an individual patient precisely without the sizing compromises common with traditional systems. The ability to improve the fit of the implant potentially may lead to less pain for patients and improved longevity.. In addition, patient-specific technology on the femur creates surfaces that better mimic a patient’s natural shape while preserving significantly more bone than a traditional total knee replacement (TKR).

The first patient was a 55 year old woman who was walking the day after surgery with no assistance from a walker or cane and who was discharged from the hospital two days after her surgery. Dr. Gregory Martin, Medical Director of the Orthopedic Institute at JFK, performed the surgery as one of the select surgeons in the US and Europe.

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