What To Expect

  • Dr. Martin’s mission is to be a caring, compassionate physician and surgeon and to provide successful outcomes for his patients
  • Dr. Martin takes a holistic, lifestyle approach to orthopedics.  Surgery is considered a last resort.  A complete history and physical exam will be performed.  He looks at the whole picture, not the individual problem or x-ray findings.
  • Shared decision making is utilized to come up with the best treatment plan for an individual.  For more info:  http://www.informedmedicaldecisions.org/what-is-shared-decision-making/
  • Dr. Martin spends time with patients!  Because of this, as well as the challenging environment and the number of patients Dr. Martin sees, the office may run behind schedule.  Be prepared for this, bring a book, e-book, or magazine.  When your time to be seen comes, you will get the time you need, so please be considerate of others who need Dr. Martin’s time and expertise