Custom-Made Knees

by Alfredo Arango | May 28, 2010 

In the past, people did not buy their clothes off-the-rack; instead, they would go to the tailor or the seamstress to take their measurements to custom-make their clothes to fit perfectly. It is now possible to do the same thing for partial knee implants, thanks to a new technology that custom-makes the knee for each patient.

“Until now the anatomy of the patient’s knee was adapted to whatever implants were available; we have now begun to do the opposite, adapt the implant to fit perfectly with the patient’s anatomy. This is a key difference. Thanks to this, we can now perform a more conservative, less invasive operation, with minimal resection of bone; there’s less trauma, which is very important for younger and more active patients,” says Dr. Gregory Martin, Medical Director at the Orthopedic Institute of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, in Palm Beach, Florida, the first center to begin using this technology in South Florida.

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