ConforMIS Improves its TKR Offering

It’s been a long time coming.

After 16 months of talks, tests, tweaks and touts, ConforMIS Inc. has commercially released an enhanced version of its patient-specific total knee replacement (TKR) system. Dubbed the iTotal G2, the new edition incorporates improvements to the implants, instruments and planning guides based on more than a year’s worth of recommendations from orthopedic surgeons.

The 8-year-old Burlington, Mass., firm updated the iTotal’s implant design to address a wider range of anatomies and revised the iView planning images to give surgeons more detailed data. The iView images—included with each implant—provide patient-specific tibial and femoral osteophyte information, the tibial slope cut, posterior femoral resection value, and final implant positioning.

The iTotal (the “i” stands for individualized) uses proprietary software that incorporates data from computed tomography scans to generate a 3-D model of a patient’s knee. That model then is used to design and manufacture an implant that closely matches a patient’s natural joint anatomy and curves, allowing for more natural knee motion and flexibility. ConforMIS uses computer-driven machining or prototyping tools to fabricate the artifi-cial joint, a process that takes four to six weeks, as well as customized surgical tools (called “iJig”) to accurately place the implant.

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